Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pull on the strings of my heart

"Pull on the strings of my heart, for I long to respond to you."

That has been my cry to the Lord since my second week here at BSSM.

Monday September 17 and Tuesday September 18 have become landmark days in my relationship with the Lord. The details of these days are far too intimate and personal for me to share in this space, and to be honest, I still am unable to comprehend what took place. I do know, however, that the Lord began a work within me, and I will not be the same again.

 Around here it is very common to hear people say "Holy Spirit told me...." "I feel the Lord telling me to tell you....." "I saw a picture of a..." "The Lord gave me a dream last night..." This isn't just the odd person here or there, it is something that is understood to be accessible to everyone. One of the books we were given to read is called "Hosting the Presence" by Bill Johnson, and it clearly demonstrates that the Presence of God (aka the Holy Spirit) is to be an active part of every believer's life. One thing I do know about the event I mentioned, is that I received a taste of this, and now all I want is more of the Lord. My deepest desire is to know Him in an intimate and personal way. I fully believe this is something that is available to me and is the nature of the relationship the Lord wants to have with me as well.

That is the best I can articulate what has been going on with me during this "construction" phase. The Lord is definitely working on things in me, and I will do my best to communicate what I feel I can share as things are revealed to me.

In closing, here are 2 songs that I find clearly express my heart's desire. The first is "Draw Near" and it is where the line from the beginning of the post came from. The second song is "The More I Seek You." I heard this song during worship for the first time yesterday and when I sang the chorus yesterday, my heart screamed within me "this is what I desire!

Draw Near

The More I Seek You

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