Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So......I'm in Redding.....

Just a short note to start off the blog I'm going to be writing which will describe the adventures the Lord takes me on here in Redding. I was initially considering starting a new blog entirely, but with only 3 prior posts, I figured I could just make use of what I started.

The title "HJ's Footsteps" fits for the most part, as this continues to be a forum for me to document my journey. However, I am quite cetain the footsteps aren't, in fact, mine. I believe the cartoon below is a more acurate depiction of what has taken place in my faith walk:

The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated on my journey and to open up avenues and topics for conversation. So please feel free to message me or leave a comment! For those of you who have not seen this side of me before and have questions about my faith, Christianity, or any of the stuff I've mentioned in any of my postings - please don't hesitate to message me either here or on Facebook or leave a comment.

I can't wait to see what God does in and with me over the next 9 months. Thank you for joining me with this - it is a pleasure to share this with you! 


  1. Love this, and very much looking forward to hearing all about it... Get your internet situation sorted, and then let's have a skype date!

  2. Thinking of you lots, and believing in you Heidi.

  3. I love the cartoon! I think many of us can relate! I will be following you and your journey with our Father!